Let the World Cup Begin!

Would you rather watch soccer while eating a plate of delicious, cheesy pupusas or is chugging Irish Car Bombs more your thing? Either way, Balompie on 18th and Capp and The Napper Tandy on 24th & South Van Ness are both great places to catch a World Cup game.

Here is a  map of places showing the games.

We’ll be visiting some of them.  Let us know your favorites.

The Game Schedule: 

FRIDAY, June 13

9 a.m. – Mexico vs. Cameroon
12 p.m. – Spain vs. Netherland
3 p.m. – Chile vs. Australia


9 a.m. – Colombia vs. Greece
12 p.m. – Uruguay vs. Costa Rica
3 p.m. – England vs. Italy
6 p.m. – Ivory Coast vs. Japan

SUNDAY, June 15

9 a.m. – Switzerland vs. Ecuador
12 p.m. – France vs. Honduras
3 p.m. – Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

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  1. DPClean

    Go Go Mexico. Beat Cameroon.

    Vamos Espana !!

    • DPClean

      Mexico vs. Brazil was awesome at La Rondalla!!

      The score ended 0-0. And that was the merited score, in the quality of play, the Mexicans equaled the host nation. It a feat to get a tie against Brazil, in Brazil in the WorldCup Good job, Mexico. Nice event, La Rondalla.

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