After interrupting Google I/O to protest her potential eviction from a building owned by Google lawyer Jack Halprin, Claudia Tirado was escorted off stage and told us she had a surprisingly friendly conversation with Google’s senior VP of communications, Rachel Whetstone. In an email message to Mission Local, Whetstone confirms her promise to help out Tirado.

“I promised to look into the situation for her and call her back, but not today as we have I/O going on,” said Whetstone in her message.

Whetstone says she’s holding onto Tirado’s contact information and their conversation will continue at a later date.

Tirado, a third grade teacher and mother of a small child, has lived at 812 Guerrero, the building owned by Halprin, for eight years. She is one of six tenants facing displacement if Halprin goes through with his plans to convert the property to a single-family dwelling, though tenants have previously accused Halprin of being disingenuous about his plans.

“Why doesn’t he buy a regular house, why does he have to take seven units off the rental market?” asked Tirado of her landlord during a protest outside the property in April.

Those questions and more are likely to be the subject of any future talks between Tirado, Halprin, and, now, Whetstone.