Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Ashwin Seshagiri.

It’s 7 a.m. and 56° now and expected to rise to a partly sunny, mostly pleasant 64°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

The Mexican flags seem to still be waving after yesterday’s big win against Croatia. If you missed it, check out our slideshow.

The festivities may be over on Folsom Street for La Cocina’s Street Food Festival. SFist reports that the beloved street food fest may be moving off Folsom this year due to some complaints from 24th Street businesses. See our coverage of last year’s food and fashion.

Speaking of losses, The Chronicle reports the city lost $4.2 million in tax revenue last year as part of its tax break deal to attract more companies to Mid-Market. Yowza.

Speaking of money, apparently it’s going to get easier to use bitcoins. If anyone out there understands what exactly that means, we’re all ears.

As promised, your daily does of Pride week, homo-philic link bait: this very hip guide to Pride by the taste makers behind local queer culture site AHDM4U and Buzzfeed’s run-down of delightful Bay Area-producer Beyonce parody (an official Frameline Fest selection!).

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  1. Sam

    It’s highly misleading to say that the city “lost” $4.2 million in revenues.

    And much more accurate to say that it collected far more in revenues than it would have done had Twitter etc. moved out of the city, because of SF’s bizarre policy of taxing stock options as payroll.

    • marcos

      It was the far left radicals of McGoldrick, Ma, Leal and Newsom who extended the payroll tax to cover stock options in 2004 after the City’s ass was still smarting from the crash.

      If the City is giving tax breaks to startups, then the City should recoup its investment via taxing stock options, including mine.

      • Sam

        The left does not have a monopoly on dumb ideas. It’s bad policy to tax an at-risk capital gain as if it were wages in any event. But when every other city and county in California has no such tax, it is obvious and inevitable that the city can be held to ransom as it was with Twitter. A company can simply relocate out of the city before its IPO, and move back afterwards if necessary.

        Any policy that incentives such tactics is poor policy.

        But my point here was that the city did not lose revenue from the Twitter tax break at all, as stated by ML. The city gained revenue, otherwise it would never have folded and agreed to the deal.

        Getting less taxes is better than getting no taxes.

        • marcos

          No other city in CA has as many renters as SF, as much coastline per square mile, as many LGBT, as many historical homes, as good views, as good transit.

          You will not be happy until what makes SF unique is homogenized out of the City and this starts with countercyclical policies that exacerbate the outsourcing of the consequences for private gain onto those who have no stake in it.

          • gribble

            “You will not be happy until what makes SF unique is homogenized out of the City”

            I don’t think SF being a city of renters makes it better. The coastline won’t change, in fact it has been getting better and more accessible over the past thirty years. LGBT population is moving to the rest of the country as they become more welcomed where the rest of their families live.

            This proposed development is within the zoning for the parcel. I am sure the developer will figure out some way to buy off the PTA. Not a fan of that needing to be done, but it is part of the politics of SF.

            I look forward to the changes this project and the other two large projects coming on 16th between Guerrero/Albion and South Van Ness. I liked the changes to Valencia Gardens , which I feel really improved the area.

            I anticipate Walgreens or CVS will end up in the new retail here or in the one on Albion/16th.

            I also like all the new trees going in on Guerrero and I hope to like the new LED lights that will replace the street lamps along the same area.

          • marcos

            Point being, it is current San Franciscans who make the City as desirable as the topography does. Those folks will be represented at the PTA, on the SFUSD Board and from the broader community.

            Only the rent a mob is calling for the parcel to be gifted to the community. I support that, but the problem is that the rent a mob was rented out when it came time to pass the zoning for this parcel in 2008. Now, one cannot take them seriously when they make what would have been calls at the bounds of the realistic but are now outlandish and transparent plays for a buy off.

            Not one cent for the poverty nonprofits to further reward failure, all benefits from this project must accrue to Marshall Elementary.

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