It’s 7 a.m. and 56° now and expected to rise to a partly sunny, mostly pleasant 64°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

The Mexican flags seem to still be waving after yesterday’s big win against Croatia. If you missed it, check out our slideshow.

The festivities may be over on Folsom Street for La Cocina’s Street Food Festival. SFist reports that the beloved street food fest may be moving off Folsom this year due to some complaints from 24th Street businesses. See our coverage of last year’s food and fashion.

Speaking of losses, The Chronicle reports the city lost $4.2 million in tax revenue last year as part of its tax break deal to attract more companies to Mid-Market. Yowza.

Speaking of money, apparently it’s going to get easier to use bitcoins. If anyone out there understands what exactly that means, we’re all ears.

As promised, your daily does of Pride week, homo-philic link bait: this very hip guide to Pride by the taste makers behind local queer culture site AHDM4U and Buzzfeed’s run-down of delightful Bay Area-producer Beyonce parody (an official Frameline Fest selection!).

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