Germany vs. USA Now, Where to Watch in the Mission

Photo by Lydia Chavez.

Check out our map of where to watch!

We’ve heard rumors (thanks anthony for your comments!) that the parklet outside of Luna Rienne Gallery (3318 22nd Street) is projecting the game too. Check it out and let us know how it is.

If the USA wins or ties, they move onto the next round.

Also happening today, Portugal vs. Ghana. Portugal is already up by one!

Did we miss your favorite spot? Having a party with Brazilian treats? Let us know! Either comment below or send us an email at mission

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  1. 4 shots, none on target. It was great. It’s like the U.S. finally understood tactics and how stupid it would have been to push forward for a goal and open yourselves up for counterattacking scoring opportunities. All they needed to do was make the game boring and keep it close. They did exactly that.

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