Facebook Diversity Data Reveals a Lot of White Men

After much public pressure, Facebook revealed the demographic data of its employees. Like many of its equally large tech companies, the company is made up largely of white and Asian men.

The report by Maxime Williams, the company’s Global Head of Diversity, states: “At Facebook, diversity is essential to achieving our mission.”

But the data tells a different story. Facebook’s numbers reveal that 57 percent of the company’s U.S. employees are white; the next largest segment is the 34 percent of employees that are Asian. Trailing behind in numbers are black and Hispanic employees, making up just 2 and 4 percent, respectively, of the company’s U.S. employee base.

Women make up just 31 percent of Facebook’s staff globally.

Things are thrown into starker relief when you look at senior staff at the company. The New York Times  breaks it down further:

As with other Silicon Valley companies, Facebook’s management is more white and male than its workforce at large. Globally, 77 percent of senior level employees are men. And in the United States, 74 percent of the company’s managers are white, 19 percent Asian, 4 percent Hispanic, 2 percent black, and 1 percent of another ethnicity or two or more races.

Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the gender breakdown of men to women with technical jobs, an 87 to 15 percent breakdown.

The Times also notes that these numbers released by Facebook may be an impartial figure. Unlike other companies, Facebook has declined to release its EEO-1 report, which is an official document that has more detailed statistics.

Of course, Facebook isn’t alone in the nature of its diversity statistics. Google’s numbers aren’t so diverse either.

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  1. Sam

    Daniel, this is the second piece that you have penned today with the theme that something is “too white”. First gay pride and now FaceBook

    But I’ve never seen you opine that something is “too black”. Or that more than half the population of the Mission being Hispanic makes it “too Hispanic”.

    Is it official ML policy to endlessly dredge up things that are “too white” as if that is somehow a bad thing? Or is it you own personal agenda?

    And what exactly would you want tech employers to do if most of the qualified applicants to work there happen to be white and Asian? Hire every black and Hispanic who applies, even if unqualified, just so these race-based quotas look more politically correct?

    I think it would be helpful if ML stopped trying to encourage ethnic divisions via such blatant race-baiting, and adopted a more healthy post-racial approach.

    It’s also very lazy for a journalist to constantly try and stir up emotions through cheap card playing and speculative stereotypes.

  2. Missionite

    Race bait = click bait. Surely you’re not just cluing into this.

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