Does La Rondalla Have Its Mojo Back?

You may remember – or not – my recent post on La Rondalla.

Afterwards, in comments left on neighborhood sidewalks, I was accused by some of creating cultishness for clicks. By others of holding down a high-paying job in the San Francisco Lard Exchange.

Not surprising. La Rondalla attracts, and repels, like no normal restaurant. I think it’s the ley lines.

This past weekend the two scientists from my review returned to La Rondalla for an update. They brought two other scientists for verification purposes.

And filed this report.


Executive Summary 

They have worked out all the bugs!

After Dinner Metrics 

Fact: Too full!

Fact: A little very pleasantly buzzed!

Noise Metrics 

Fact: Noise level not a problem.

Hypothesis: Not many folks when we were there. 9:30 to 11. Ish.

Service Metrics

Fact: Excellent!

Caveat: REALLY.


Thought it close to its old glory.

Close? What does that mean? Scientifically speaking.

To be continued. After midnight.

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  1. D

    The service is MUCH better. The food is pretty much exactly the same which is to say above average but not superlative. The prices are significantly higher. If you think this is noisy then you haven’t been to that tapas place down the block near 18th- in other words, it’s fine.

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