40 Years of ARCH No More

Photo via KQED

KQED reports that the art supply store ARCH in Potrero Hill will be evicted because the family that owns the space needs to do some earthquake retrofitting. The store has already dealt with a few changes after more than 30 years in business and has adapted to the needs of the time.

Originally catering to architects in two previous Jackson Square locations, the store started selling art supplies after architects went digital and demand for drafting materials dried up. READ MORE.

Colliver, the owner of the store, is negotiating to stay until September, but there is a possibility that they will leave by July. Sure, you might think you can get all of these craft items online, but there is nothing like going into an art supply store and browsing the products first-hand.

“We sell things that people need in order to do creative activity. You can’t have a thriving intellectual community without libraries and bookstores,” says Colliver. “You can’t have a thriving art scene without galleries and art supply stores.” READ MORE.

The horrible news about this: a great sale.

ARCH is located at 99 Missouri St.

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