Steger for Congress: A Crash Course

If you don’t like to stop for a chat with someone who asks you if you’re “one of those techies that want to drive up the rents around here,” then you might not be entirely sure what the folks on the corner of Mission and 22nd are up to today. So here’s the skinny:

Campaigners are out in the Mission, and throughout District 12, promoting Congressional candidate Michael Steger. He has several catchphrases in his policy points that might appeal to broad swathes of citizens: He wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall, take measures to end the drought, and overhaul the banking system. But you should probably know that Steger is a Larouche Democrat, a follower of almost universally recognized crackpot Lyndon Larouche.

To illustrate, Steger’s policy proposals include:

– Impeaching Barack Obama

– Ending the British Empire

– Starting a space-based asteroid defense program

– Ending the drought by implementing a nuclear fusion based desalination plant

and finally,

– Developing a “strategy for victory” against the “British and Dutch Monarchies and their Nazi credentials.”

If you prefer to get your political policy points straight from the horse’s mouth, do have a look at

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  1. John

    More reasonable policies than Campos then?

    I bet he gets more votes than Krissy Keefer did when she ran against Pelosi in 2006.

  2. Those LaRouchians have been tabling that corner for so many years now, it’s nice to see them trying their hand at electoral politics. It’s good to know there’s someone on the side of the little guy against those evil Stonecutters.

  3. Reality Chick

    He talks real solutions.. Remove Obama, ending Wall Street speculation, exposing the fascist British Empire-getting the truth out…he’s got my vote. And what has Pelosi done? Duh?

  4. Word Up

    The British empire has kept most of Africa backwards plus they actually implemented genocide against the Irish so if Mike Steger is against the empire he has my vote. Oh there is a new video that exposes Prince Philip’s role in the murder of Princess Diana its called Unlawful Killing.

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