Privacy Files: What Me Worry?

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President Obama and Mrs. Pelosi tell us the mass surveillance program (a.k.a. the Panopticon, the Dragnet) operated by the National Security Agency targets only “the bad guys.” General Keith Alexander explains they can only find a needle in the haystack if they have the haystack.

The bad guys haven’t been found yet, so the haystack keeps growing.

Is that why the N.S.A. compromises the global brand of U.S.-made routers by secretly implanting backdoor surveillance tools in them?

Is that why the N.S.A. collects information about the sexual habits and “online promiscuity” of individuals who espouse “radical” ideas?

The logic is unassailable.

Frontline has a new piece out on the Panopticon called The United States of Secrets. Part One ran last night on PBS and can be seen here.

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