Happy… Unless You Are a Worm

The early bird. By George Lipp

In preparing the soil for some summer veggies we included some wonderful worm compost from our bins.  This stuff is amazing, more on that later.

The moment we removed the lid from the bins we sensed we were being watched.  Indeed, four robins were perched on the fence examining our every move.  Their feathers were a little scruffy indicating that they had had a rough day or were juveniles.

The Robin Red Breast or Turdus americanus  is an expert in worm work and today the fable became fact.  As we moved a few feet from the pot down they came.  I think if we had listened very closely I could have heard the melody of Pharrell Williams “Happy” with the lyrics of the Shirelles standard “Mamma said there’d be days like this.”

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One Comment

  1. John

    Turdus Americanus, huh?

    As a young kid I would spend hours out with our gardener. There was a particular Robin Red Breast who would follow us around all day, gorging on the worms our digging would expose.

    Eventually we built a bird house for him so that he’d be safer from our cats.

    Thank you for evoking a happy memory.

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