Hand-Painted Shirts at Artillery Gallery

Photo from Artillery Gallery's blog. 

Ivan Lopez from Artillery Gallery, one of the in-house artists and designers, had a goal of painting 2,014 T-shirts by hand in one year. He started a KickStarter campaign that successfully reached its goal. Why animals painted on a black shirt?

This is a tribute to those creatures that have no voice and are disregarded by our everyday choices. The Colorful Power Animals Collection is reminder that you can wear to create change.

And, if you are thinking that the paint will harden and make it uncomfortable to wear, you will be glad to know that Ivan has already foreseen this, as he believes that “each garment has to feel light. This means each stroke has to be put down strategically.” Check out the shirts or stop by the store on 24th and Mission, I guarantee you will find something unique.

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