Good Morning Mission!

Photograph by Justin Beck

It’s 6:25 a.m., 53° now and expected to rise to a sunny 64°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

Did you all hear about this new fracas involving Google Glass? After a New York restaurant asked a woman to remove her Google Glasses, they took a serious hit in Yelp reviews after the woman launched a social media campaign against them. We’ve heard of a few places in the Mission banning Google Glass (El Rio for one); are there others? Should they worry about similar repercussions?

Looks like protests are heating up at CCSF again. The Examiner reports that the two students who were injured in protests in March plan to take legal action against the school.

If you had Monday off and are coming back from a fun three-day weekend trip out of town, fear not—you can be a tourist right here at home. In its series “Tourism for Locals,”SF Weekly expounds on the virtues of Mission Dolores. We couldn’t agree more.

Did y’all notice our post yesterday about looking for a bussiness-saavy go-getter?. We’re embarking on some exciting, top-secret, local journalism, type stuff over here and looking for an excellent new partner.

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  1. John

    Daniel, the article you cite does not say that ” two students were injured in protests yesterday” at CCSF at all.

    It says that a couple of students who claim to have been injured while protesting at CCSF in March are attempting to blame the cops.

    I’m not sure I believe them given that six police officers were injured, but this is America and everyone sues everyone.

    • Daniel Hirsch Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Sometimes we write Good Morning Mission late at night, but that’s not a great excuse for this error. It’s been corrected now.

      Thanks again.

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