Facts Are Facts

The assembly campaign for District 17 between the Davids is getting intense, not just because they are politicians, but because people don’t bother to get to the actual facts. Tim Redmond does, though, and for that you should be grateful.

But then it gets really crazy.

Chiu’s flyer says that Campos “Failed to address public safety concerns at 16th and Mission after unprecedented homicides, stabbings, and muggings.” The footnoted sources for most of the Chiu allegations are news stories; in this case, the only source is “cleanuptheplaza.com,” a website linked to a developer who wants to build luxury housing at that corner. The charge is also factually untrue – Campos has been working on a lot of levels to address crime in the Mission – in part by working to get kids out of gangs and into jobs.  He didn’t sign onto a plan to clear low-income people out of the plaza; this is a problem? READ MORE.

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  1. marcos

    The sad thing is that Tim Redmond taints his political love interests with the smell of political death.

    The good news is that Chiu must be feeling the heat if he’s going on the neoliberal attack.

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