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From Robert Brust: 

Pride Weekend’s Dyke March, Dyketopia will be Saturday, June 28. Organizers have issued this statement on their web-site:

Our committee has decided that this year we will host a rally and march, rather than an event in the park. This decision came after recognizing that we will indeed have a park full of dykes and allies on June 28th, and what we could organize under the circumstances would be a rally followed by the traditional March.

It seems the Dyke March committee is no longer seeking a Rec and Park permit for Dolores Park, but is instead asking to set up on 20th Street on the south side of Dolores. We are expecting a statement from The Dyke March and the City soon. Scott Wiener, District 8 supervisor tells use he has had several Pride Weekend planning meetings at Mission Station and that the City and event organizers are close to finalizing Pride Weekend plans. We will post any news.  CHECK BACK HERE FOR MORE UPDATES

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