Background: Local Mission Eatery’s Troubles

Mission Local has been following the turn of events at Yaron Milgrom’s four different businesses in the Mission. It appears that last night, Local Mission Market’s windows were graffitied with the threatening tag “Get Lost” and “Die.”

I just walked past Mission Local Market on my way home, and found a gentleman scrubbing a

ngry graffiti from the front of the business. Mission Local Market moved to my neighborhood less than a year ago, and sells very organic, local and expensive meat, hummus and jam. I once bought $5 English muffins there, and they were delicious. MORE HERE

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Via SFGate.

This from the recent incident where the restaurant was accused of racial discrimination:

Local’s Corner was first accused of racial discrimination in April of last year, when an employee allegedly refused service to longtime Mission resident Sandra Cuadra and her family. Since then, Local’s Corner has been vandalized twice. Local’s Corner engendered renewed ire, and accusations of racial discrimination, when CCSF professor Patricia Nunley—like Cuadra, a woman of color—and seven or her students were allegedly denied service.

Milgrom has stated previously that the incident involving Cuadra was a misunderstanding. And yesterday, he took to the protest’s Facebook page to state that he had indeed been in talks with ACCEand that the most recent allegations are false. Milgrom says that Local’s Corner, which has only 28 seats and doesn’t serve parties of eight, could not serve Nunley and her seven students but they were sent to Local Mission Eatery instead, which has a larger dining room. READ MORE

This from a previous story when Milgrom went through the community’s meeting process to open Local’s Corner:

He makes it a priority for locals to eat at his 24th Street restaurant, Local: Mission Eatery. He is also involved in the community; last summer he took studentsfrom a college preparedness program on field trips to learn about agriculture and their neighborhood.

So it came as a surprise to him when some neighbors at a community meeting on Tuesday night cast him as outsider looking to make money at the expense of the neighborhood. MORE HERE

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