What Thing? The Thing!

Gabriel Orozco, Solvitur Boomerando, 2012, video still, courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York. Taken from The Thing

This would be one subscription that you would not regret, as each ‘magazine’ is an art object carefully wrapped and shipped. One annual subscription gets you four of these objects where artists incorporate text somehow.

The Thing design and wrapping style was started by Miranda July at the Southern Exposure Gallery.

July came to the project at the request of the editors, and part of the attraction for her was the opportunity to work in a completely new medium.

“The idea of getting to design an object appealed to me, since that is a little bit outside the realm of what I normally produce,” July says. More here.

This year, The Thing has gathered four artists, one among them is Gabriel Orozco. At a time when artists take so much pride in having an art studio, he was out and about exploring the streets to observe real life and appropriate common objects. “I use the camera as an excuse to look at these things. The camera is a way of awareness,” said Orozco.

Find out more about Orozco and the magazine The Thing.

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