Thomas Rapp hands out flyers outside Dattani's office. Photo by Guadalupe González

UPDATE: 6:50pm

Eviction Free San Francisco started its protest today of the eviction of roommates Patricia Kerman and Thomas Rapp by handing out leaflets outside the landlord’s office on 22nd Street near Bartlett and at the 24th Street Mission BART Station.

Most people walking by took the leaflets and a few stopped to express their support.

Both Patricia Kerman and Thomas Rapp helped to hand out the flyers that urged people to call, email and fax Dattani to stop their evictions.

The flyers also invited people to the protest today at 5:30 p.m. and another on Saturday. Dattani’s office was closed today.

Also, here’s a story for more context on Patricia Kerman and her roommate.

Displacement is an elusive subject to study. As Rutgers University researchers Kathe Newman and Elvin Wyly observed in a paper on gentrification in New York, “Displaced residents have disappeared from the very places where researchers or census-takers go to look for them.” For the moment, the only way to understand the forces transforming San Francisco’s neighborhoods is through stories like Kerman’s, told by residents who still occupy, however briefly, the disappearing communities of America’s booming tech metropolis. MORE HERE

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  1. I imagine that the landlord is terrified that leaflets might be handed out and will immediately rescind the eviction.

    Nobody can bear the shame of leaflets.

        1. The only thing that makes me vomit are people who claim to be acting on behalf of a community but are in fact playing out their own psychodramas while the communities they claim to be acting for want no part of their activities and are on the losing end of politics.

          1. McElvoy is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

            If all she does is hand out leaflets and delay people going to work, then she looks petty and ineffective.

            But as soon as her mob starts breaking windows (her plan B as far as I can tell), then she risks arrest and TRO’s, and jail time might cause her parents to cut off her trust fund money.

          2. All you do is post on missiolocal and sfbg all day and don’t appear to have done anything politically in the real world.

    1. You want them to be violent, John?

      Can you go five minutes without being hypocritical?

      bethca can’t.

      1. You missed my point, TwoBeers. It’s called satire.

        I was lampooning the idea that handing out leaflets would have any effect on a landlord who has probably already spent thousands of dollars in his Ellis.

        “OMG, what will i do if they hand out leaflets?”.

        But as I noted, when the leftist rent-a-mob get all violent and destructive, then they get arrested and are no more effective. pace Occupy.

        It’s almost as if they should use democratic and legal means to have the law changed. Rather than, say, try and bully and intimidate people into doing whatever it is they want them to do.