The bakery is close to being ready, says the insurance agent.

Joey and Pat’s Bakery, closed since a Lexus crashed into it late last month, might open within the next week, according to Johnny Nava, an insurance agent for the building.

The owners of the beloved bakery at the corner of Folsom and 21st streets could not be reached for comment.

The morning after the accident Nava said the the tenants would have to move out but that was not the case.

Inspector Brett Howard from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection left a notice on the bakery’s window after the incident indicating residents would just have to be careful. “Residents in the unit above the damaged area have been told to stay out of the room directly above the damaged area and the door to the front room sealed off with caution tape,” the notice said.

Although the building has been deemed safe, the exact damage to the building’s foundation is unknown until an engineer submits his report. Still, Nava is hopeful that the bakery will open within a week.

“Fortunately they were covered properly and we will help them back on their feet,” Nava said.

The two female suspects abandoned the vehicle after the collision and it is unclear if they have been charged.

We will update as we get more information.

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  1. Glad to hear it’s going to be alright for Pat & Joey. Sure miss their tasty big almond croissants. Hopefully we hear more details about those girls involved. Curious if the Lexus had been stolen.