Avenue of Homes at Ritual Roasters

Zoe Dering's installation at Ritual Coffee Roasters.

I walked into Ritual Roasters today to get an americano. I’ve been coming here for at least a month now and I love it. It’s the best coffee I’ve had so far, sorry Philz loverz. I love that I get the large cup, even when I get a single shot. Some places will ask me ‘WHAT FOR’, which then leads to the nonsense explanation that I don’t like my coffee too hot, which makes them frown. Then I proceed to amend my answer by explaining I also like more-than-usual milk and sugar in it, which makes them frown again.

Anyway, Ritual Roasters walls are undergoing a renovation, but they still have one wall dedicated to art. It’s always surprised me how the notion of galleries are intertwined with businesses here.

In this case, there is a lineup installation of miniature paper homes, very neatly ordered next to each other. They are colorless, or monotone. Or maybe color is in the eye of the beholder. They also look sturdy, although they are fragile since they are made of paper. They are different shapes and altogether compose an avenue of one of the most precious thinsg in San Francisco: a home. These are the work of artist Zoe Dering, who is, from what I gather, also a pastry chef. Check out Dering’s Tumblr for more info.

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