Attic No More

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The Bold Italic reports that The Attic will be closing. I guess that explains the sad feeling looming over everyone there the other day when I went in.

[…] the closure was expected sometime this year (the rumor was that it’d be in February), but The Attic closed its doors for good on Monday morning without public warning.

The bar had issues in recent years, including neighbors complaining about the sound, needed building improvements, and troubles securing a long-term lease. MORE HERE.

And this, per Mission Mission:

Unfortunately, one neighbor is so fed up with the hot tunes that he is resorting to a lawsuit in order to squelch all the fun.  He is suing the Attic for personal damages because he can’t sleep at night, focusing on the technicality that the bar is not allowed to play any music since it doesn’t have a cabaret license.   Without a cabaret license, the Attic is on the hook for a $1000 fine should the c.ops deign to show up for a noise complaint. MORE HERE.

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    It ain’t the old mission no more folks!

    (Personally I don’t care as I hate bars, a blah euro-american-white-people concept; let’s get drunk, so we can emotionally open up, act dumb, fuck, etc. Just do that IRL, duh.)

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