Cartoonesque Mural Style

Sirron Norris has 16 murals in San Francisco, most of them in the Mission District. And that number keeps growing. I have always liked his style, because it tends to break away from the mural style tradition.

Here’s what he says of his style in this interview from Street Art SF:

My style in inspiration is mainly from Saturday morning cartoons from the 70’s. I created that style to honor the spirit of cartoons and I see SF as a city that would be in a cartoon at some point. SF has character, specific landmarks that are the most whimsical you have ever seen and a geographical terrain like a fairy tail.

The interview also highlights the indoor mural at the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, which is now making me want to go to this place and walk up and down the stairs.

The Mural was hard to design because it has no cartoon bears etc. Creating a mural that has emotion and life without cartoons and people is a challenge. Also, the stair format was a hard read for someone who can’t visualize in their head what this design would translate to. It was hard to get them to see my vision at first. MORE HERE.

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