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Latin Bridal, a shop specializing in dressing up quinceañeras and offering clothes and accessories for weddings, communions, baptisms and proms, has been in the Mission for 23 years.

Owner Sylvia Ferrusquia, who runs the business with her father, husband, daughter and son, estimates that they’ve dressed up around 10,000 girls for the quinceañera, an event that traditionally celebrates a girl turning 15. But lately, Ferrusquia hasn’t seen many Latin girls from the Mission or from other parts of the city visit the store.

“Our communities are hurting because families are moving out,” she says, adding that her business is one of the only ones of its kind left in the Mission. “And it’s hurting our business a lot, because families are not here anymore.”

Diana Campos (the girl featured in the video), however, lives in the Mission and attends Immaculate Conception Academy. She turned 15 on May 4, 2013, and, with the help of Latin Bridal, began planning her quinceañera three months before the Dec. 28 celebration, which took place in Mexico.

Ferrusquia, who grew up in Toluca, Mexico, never had a quinceañera of her own. But she finds joy in helping others plan their celebrations, and says she loves her business.

“Sometimes it’s the only event in the lifetime that is going to be huge,” Ferrusquia says of the quinceañera. “And well, we always try to do the best to make their dreams come true.”