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Real estate agents talk about the subregions of a neighborhood to create an interest in their potential customers, but to the people who actually live there the feeling might be different altogether. Often times it is the terrain which determines a subregion or microhood, as explained by Bernalwood in conjunction with Burrito Justice in this deconstruction of neighborhoods:

In this way, we are introduced to the comparative charms (and average home prices) of such areas as “The North West Slope,” and “Precita Park,” and “South of Cortland.” Unfortunately, it made us feel so… commodified. Ew.

That said, the idea that Bernal Heights consists of several distinct microhoods actually makes a lot of sense. After all, Bernal is a neighborhood defined by its topography — Remember, our last name is “Heights!” — so there’s an intuitive logic to the notion that different parts of the hill have very different subcultures and identities. Yet we are far more than our cost per-square-foot; we are a federation of nooks and crannies shaped by timeless geological features, historical quirks, and neighborly idiosyncrasies. MORE HERE.

And, here are some of the proposed microhoods:

Precitaville – With the Mission as a front yard, Precita Park as the living room, and Bernal Hill as a backyard playground, Precitaville is perhaps the most cosmopolitan part of Bernal Heights. Perhaps.

Cortlandia – The heart of Bernal’s historic commercial district has now become the ideal setting for a contemporary situation comedy about bourgoise-bohemian urban culture in the early years of the 21st century. Which is funny, except that it’s also rather lovely, and we are very lucky to have it. The residents of Cortlandia are justifiably quite proud of this. SEE MORE MICROHOODS HERE.

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Andrea was born and raised in Mexico City, where she graduated as a translator/interpreter. She has been working with Mission Local since 2009 translating content for the Spanish page. Also lives in the Mission, does some reporting, social media and enjoys taking photos and training people that want to contribute to Mission Local.

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  1. Now there changing up neighbohoods? Thats complete BULLSHIT. The names they want to use are so fucking dumb! That shit is stupid as FUCK!!!!

    1. I don’t know about Bernal but the Mission is far and away the largest of the neighborhoods, at least anywhere central, and is ripe for being subdivided into more meaningful sub-neighborhoods.

      There is already Liberty Hill, Mission Dolores, Mission Creek and the so-called “Quad”.

      But I’d also say that areas as different as Valencia Street, south of 24th and the achingly hip Bryant St. corridor north of 20th all cry out for distinguishing names.

  2. It’s all about marketing and you, as the potential consumer, can simply reject these names daily and the salesmen, who have to bend for the customer and dollar, will slavishly follow suit. You have more power than you think.

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