Street Installation Takes Over the Mission

Close-up of a Bini face.

I spotted these faces made of a lightweight grey paste. The faces are different sizes, different shades of grey and they are signed as BINI. The faces are Toltec-like, and each one of them is different so Bini must not be using a mold to make them. This means each piece is unique.

I have spotted the faces at the 24th Street BART Station on the East side, behind the fence. I imagine Bini climbed the fence and carefully placed each face looking towards the West. The faces peak onlookers’ curiosity: some of them stop by and look at them intrigued. Others look both ways before taking one, and others ask people if they are up for grabs. Are they?

I know these faces have sprouted at Mission Dolores, the free box outside Praxis on 24th and Treat and on a bench on 23rd and Florida.

I would like to know who Bini is, can you contact me or put me in touch with this person?

Spotted these on 24th BART station.

Spotted these on 24th BART station.

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  1. two beers

    The burning question we all want to know is, how does this affect John?

  2. Orddu

    I absolutely love these. Heartfelt and haunting. Like little spirits. They remind me of the sprites that Hayao Miyazaki uses in his movies to indicate the spirit of a place. Wonderful.

  3. sonic

    They are also at the bus station next to Philz on Folsom at 24th St.

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