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Every city in its evolution follows the same steps as others, hence the similarities — building housing upwards, increased bicycle usage and bike paths, traffic jams, homelessness, proliferation of art galleries, restaurants, movie stars, booming industries and the list goes on and on. Be that as it may, each city preserves a specific character. Is comparing a way for us to learn from others? Or should we just focus in learning to appreciate ourselves and what we have to create our own assets?

The theory that San Francisco is becoming the Big Apple goes as follows: bankers, Harvard graduates and affluent party-goers (you know, the important people) are heading west in search of new digital gold.

While it’s true that the area is drawing in these kinds of people, is that enough evidence to believe that San Francisco is on its way to being the next Big Apple?

Sure, San Francisco has, for better or worse, some New York-like attributes. Real estate is outrageously expensive here. There’s an abundance of wealth that in some ways rivals New York City. And there’s a constant merry-go-round of moguls, celebrities and politicians passing through as they visit start-ups in a new age pilgrimage. (The power brokers visit New York media outlets in a similar hajj.) READ MORE HERE.

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