Officer Shot on Florida St. in Serious but Stable Condition

Officers discuss situation
Chief Greg Suhr arrives on scene

Chief Greg Suhr arrives on scene

A San Francisco police officer was shot in the left arm on Florida near 25th Street at approximately 3:45 p.m. Saturday, said Police Chief Greg Suhr.

The officer, a 28-year-old six-year veteran, is in serious but stable condition, Suhr said. Later on Saturday, Suhr told reporters that the officer was out of “out of surgery, conscious and in good spirits,” according to a video on Vine, posted by NickSmithNews.

Police sent out an advisory at 6:54 p.m. tonight saying they were ” in Daly City searching for the suspect.”

Police responded to a malicious mischief call and pulled over a car that matched the description on Florida Street, between 25th and 26th streets.

When the officer went up to the window, the driver shot him in the left arm. The officer’s partner noted that the car was backing up and shot at the car, breaking a window, police said.

The shooter took off and the car was later discovered in Pacifica and it is currently being processed, Suhr said. He declined to give a description of the car. The shooter remains at large, and police officers are there looking for a suspect.

“I’ll tell you what, when you get notified that an officer has been shot, that’s the worst thing,” Suhr said at a press conference outside General Hospital.

Neighbors said they heard the gunshots.

“It really sounded big.  I mean really big and rapidly fired,” said one neighbor.

Police said they had one eye witness, but were still canvassing the area for more.

At 3:45 p.m.  about 40 officers – some in uniform and some in plainclothes –  were on the scene.  Florida between 25th and 26th streets was filled with patrol cars, police motorcycles and onlookers.

Chief Greg Suhr arrived on the scene shortly after the ambulance with the downed officer left the scene.

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  1. Orddu

    Still a police helicopter buzzing around ….I guess the shooter is at large.

    • thingmaker

      The greatest proof that we are not a terribly violent and overly armed society is that nobody has yet shot down one of those *ucking helicopters.
      I can’t be the only person driven near to distraction by the hovering bastards.

      • Lived here my whole life

        Who gives a fuck about this story fuck the police and their goddamn loud as helicopters seriously if the car was already discovered or Pacifica why the fuck are the helicopters still buzzing? Disturbing Our peace with the goddamn loud low flying sound and wasting our tax dollars on flying that goddamn shit with fuel hey but our tax dollars to do the exact same shit they always do witches waste all our money and do absolutely nothing, thanks sfpd not only do you guys not do your job well you manage to bother everybody else while doing it.

        • Ben

          Those aren’t police copters – they’re news copters. As in Channel 7 news, etc.

          Desperate for a story to help their ratings.

        • Valenchia

          @livedhere: Grow up. The world does not revolve around you and nobody cares about your petty whining. You seem not to be able to even think about the larger issue here.

        • pete

          SFPD doesn’t have any helicopters, Einstein.

          • zig

            Can’t wait until these types of idiots get gentrified out of town

          • MissionBernal

            The helicopters were from the CHP, who assisted in tracking down the suspects. I recommend doing your homework before insulting people.

  2. Aliasetc

    Description of shooter White, Black, Brown? Big effort when cop is shot. If it had been a civilian nota big effort.

  3. Edwin

    A policeman gets shot, hell breaks loose, my cousin got kill by a lowlife son of a bitch around the corner and cops don’t give a shit. Whatever

  4. John

    Cops are closing in on the perp apparently.

    I’m going to bet that he dies in a hail of bullets.

  5. tessa

    –On the police scanner all afternoon, police dispatch described the shooter as White, bald, 5’8″, around 240 lbs, male. They seemed to know who he is, but didn’t give his name. –Helicopters, sfpd does NOT have helocopters; they call in chp copter sometimes. The hours and hours of being buzzed by ‘copters was all the news media, filming “live” “updates” for their news broadcasts. We as a neighborhood got campos to reign these news ‘copters in a decade or so ago; it may be time for that again.

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