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A man was stabbed in the chest after a fight broke out at a bar near 16th and Valencia around 11 p.m. last night, according to sources in the neighborhood.

One eyewitness said the man was stabbed after an altercation in front of Delirium bar on 3139 16th Street.

“The guy who got stabbed ran down 16th, but the guy who stabbed him got surrounded and beat up by a bunch of guys outside of the bar,” he said.

After 11 p.m., police closed off the area surrounding the stabbing, on 16th and Valencia streets in front of Arinell pizza, according to other sources. One onlooker said he saw a large group surround and beat the man responsible for the stabbing, as the injured party, who had possibly also been stabbed in the face, fled down the street.

“We saw people running down from Albion to Valencia,” said a witness who was working at a restaurant nearby. “I heard the guy who got stabbed ran down to Valencia and fell down. Then police taped off the street.”

Police have not responded to queries about the stabbing. We will update this post as we get more information.

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  1. I live on Albion, near the bar. At midnight the police officer escorting me to my door, since the area was taped off, stated that the victim was stabbed in the chest and face. He also said that the victim was alive at the hospital.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll continue to update this story as we find out more.

  2. This isn’t surprising given the size and nature of the crowd that gathers on that corner. I’d love to see Delirium provide another bouncer to control that area and their patrons that spill over down Albion.

    1. I’d love to see Delerium provide another bathroom to control the urine spilling down Albion. And perhaps provide a little less liquor to control the vomit doing the same.

  3. My friend was involved. Those skater/hipster grungy mother fuckers jumped him so he had no choice but to defend himself with a weapon. They have survelience so hopefully he gets released when the truth comes out.

  4. Pretty much from what I saw was the two guys involved had a few words between them then the one guy pulled a knife and attacked. They weren’t in the bar and there was no “jumping” involved. Guy came at the other one with a knife after words were exchanged. What happened to the knife-wielding attacker after the initial attack is unknown to me, but if you attack someone with a knife bad things might happen to you.

    1. All I know is that the guy who got stabbed is a local thug who was bound to get his….all I got to say is SELF DEFENSE!!!!!!!

      1. All you know is you weren’t there. There’s plenty of witnesses that back up that the aggressor was acting a hot ass mess. So much that all he remembers is getting jumped. Acting a mess, getting overly intoxicated with a knife, your friend knew what he wanted to get into when he went out that’s probably why no one was with him. You*re so solid for your friend that you are disregarding human life like it’s ok to say that someone had it coming. You need to stop. Grown people are held responsible for their actions. Yes, support them, be there but don’t shit on someone else’s right to live, learn, and make changes.

  5. This situation had nothing to do with the bar itself, neither the guy stabbed or stabber were or are allowed in the bar. Guy who wielded the knife was extremely wasted and causing shit up and down the block all night. The guy who got stabbed is a 16th St. regular who is half in the bag mentally from drug abuse most likely but normally keeps to himself or just talks to the trees. The 2 men did exchange words and when 1 did not shake the others hand the stabber took 3 jabs with the knife, but only hitting once in the face and once in the chest. The stabber did get his ass beat by some others as well he should have for wielding a knife and swinging it around like he knows how to use it. The stabber is lucky the guy isn,t dead otherwise he’d probably be sitting for a real long time.

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