Live Feed of Possible Debris From Malaysian Airlines Plane

Screenshot from the live feed story on the Guardian.

Here’s a live feed of the possible debris from a piece around 79 feet long, seen through a satellite in an Australian search zone.

• The Malaysian authorities leading the hunt for the plane have described Australian satellite images as a “credible lead”. But they cautioned that they had yet to be verified citing an earlier false lead from Chinese satellite images.

• Despite the credible lead in the southern Indian ocean the search in the northern corridor continues. Malaysia’s acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said: “Until we are certain that we have located MH370, search and rescue operations will continue in both corridors.” He confirmed that two search aircraft have been sent as far north west as Kazakhstan.

• Experts warned that the possible debris could have drifted dozens of miles since the satellite images were taken on Sunday.The area is one remotest spots in the world and known for strong and unpredictable currents. READ MORE HERE.

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