Anti-Police Protesters Vandalize Police Cars

A group of about 50 people protesting police brutality Friday night vandalized police cars near the Hall of Justice, police said. Although they headed toward the Mission District, businesses in the area said they appeared to disperse.

At around 10:30 p.m. Friday a group marched from Bryant and Division streets to the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St., said police spokesperson Danielle Newman.

Once there,  police blocked off Bryant Street, between 6th and 7th Streets.

Earlier on Friday, police fatally shot a man at Bernal Heights Park after he allegedly aimed a gun at officers, according to press reports. It is unclear if the incident prompted the protest.

“It looks like they were fighting trying to break the police line,” said Ted Chin, a bartender who works near the Hall of Justice.

Raul Duenas, who works at a bail bonds shop nearby, said he heard protesters setting off fire crackers and police forming a line on Bryant Street to prevent protesters from reaching the building.

After the encounter protesters marched toward the Mission District as officers on the scene followed along with them. It’s unclear where they were going, as bartenders around the area did not see any protesters or vandalism in the Mission.

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  1. scum

    Cowards on the march again.

    • John

      We really need to show zero tolerance towards those who act out in such an immature, intolerant and destructive manner.

      I hope some of these guys get hard time.

      • two beers

        Hey, mister democracy, how do you feel about the demonstrators in Ukraine and Venezuela?

        Protestors are heroes when YOU agree with them. Otherwise, they are communists who should be shot.

        Fucking clown.

        • John

          So you’re equating San Francisco with Kiev and Caracas?

          You wouldn’t last five minutes in those places.

        • two beers

          You can’t answer my question, because it reveals your hypocrisy. Instead, you try to change the subject, as always.


          Answer my question, or STFU.

  2. Godzuki

    Gotta give em credit. Messing with police cars right at 850 Bryant is pretty gutsy.

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