A place where some of the Shotwell tenants moved to before it was taken down.

This post first ran on March 26, 2010. We are rerunning the whole series of the 1978 Housing Crisis. 

In Clip 4, the reporter looks at what happened to some of the occupants of the Shotwell building.

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  1. note to slackers: before speculation, before gentrification, before your hated “hipsters”, even before the Latino influx, the Mission was a working class neighborhood. when, and if, you’re ever not too hung over, you might want to watch these clips revise your neighborhood narrative.

  2. It seems a bit odd that she lives in Daly City, but states that she has never been back to San Francisco since she moved out in 1978. That is obviously her choice, but it seems like she didn’t really have much in the way of ties to or interest in the community. So I am not sure why it should matter much to anyone else that she moved.

    1. Indeed, it seems that she is a poster child for those who consider that a significant solution for those who cannot afford SF to be to simply move to a place that they can afford.

      She is evidently very happy in Daly City to the pointy of having no need to go to SF.

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