Univision News Crew Robbed, Pepper-Sprayed on Valencia

crime recapA Univision news crew was breaking down their equipment from a story shoot at 6:30 Monday night on Valencia Street when the bigger news story happened to them.

Two 18-year-old males ran up from behind and pepper-sprayed the broadcast journalists near 22nd Street, grabbed their TV camera and fled towards San Jose Avenue. The three male victims were treated at the scene and in stable condition, yet there have been no arrests.

As the Examiner reports, all major TV stations in the Bay Area have been targeted for a camera theft in the last year — cameras that can be sold to porn producers overseas unlikely to ask questions. Now that’s some news.

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  1. ThatGuy

    “Keep the Mission Brown”

  2. City

    You mean to tell us that these 2 bit scum bags are stepping up their game? Next it will be liquor stores & armored trucks…fucking losers

  3. City

    The examiner is full of shit. These scum bags dont have porn connections over seas…they probably never leave the neighborhood. What a joke

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