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Once again, we have a new McDonald’s — or at least a new facade. This video, which we first ran on June 5, 2010, will give you some Mission history and the controversy around McDonald’s encroaching on territory that some felt belonged to Pacos Tacos. The video was shot in 1974 when Mission Murals were coming of age. We’ve added some new footage talking to some of the participants at the 1974 party.

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  1. Yes, Chris, please use and distribute. Thank you, again, Lydia and Ayla. I also posted the full 8.5 minute video that Optic Nerve and I produced in 1974. It’s on YouTube under “Paco’s Tacos Mural…” and my Facebook site. It includes my interview with Consuelo and Roger Hernandez, Roberto’s dad, and Patricia.

  2. Dear Ayla, Lidia, and Michael, Thank you so much for the interest in our Mujeres Muralistas art history. It is nice to have people remember our murals and all the effort we put into creating beautiful art for our community, I really believed it helped with moral and pride of the Latino culture and memories of their home land and things the Latino community really value. Many Gracias, Patricia Rodriguez

  3. Consuelo, so happy to hear from you! I am proud to hear that you like this piece. Sorry that the mural was not preserved. It really looked gorgeous. Wish you, Patricia and some other Muralistas could one day get together in the Mission and maybe even do some work together..

  4. What a surprise to find this footage today so many years after this party and Paco’s Tacos Mural celebration. Brought tears and pride to my eyes. Thank you! All the way from Venezuela I thank you and proudly can say I am still doing my art work and keep creating away. Receive my greetings and my love.I specially than Patricia Rodríguez for keeping the memories and the flames of our art blowing. Thank you for the initiative of recycling and showing the original documentation. Love to see myself painting away….take care, Consuelo Méndez

  5. Wow! What a treasure! We had the pleasure of having Patricia Rodriguez do our “Art & Politics” Talk at CounterPULSE earlier this year… and she’s written a nice account of Mujeres Muralistas for our forthcoming book “Ten Years That Shook The City: San Francisco 1968-78” (Sept. 2011, City Lights Books)… would LOVE to use this video in the online archive at FoundSF.org with an excerpt from Patricia’s piece and her oral history audio… Michael? Is that ok?

    1. Absolutely From our POV and we have another short piece of her painting the mural …also from Michael. Best, lc

  6. Honored and flattered that Mission Loc@l took this archival footage and produced an impressive piece about our beloved community and its art. High praise to reporter Ayla Albayrak, now winging her way home to Turkey, and editor-in-chief Lydia Chavez who will thankfully stay with us in the Mission. And a special tribute to my dear friend, Patricia Rodriguez y Las Mujeres Muralistas.