You see her every day, Mission, rising above our southern flank like a green Scottish bluff (well, in the rainy season, otherwise just good old California brown): the hottest real estate hood in the country.

Redfin, a national real estate brokerage website, has released a poll this week calling the northern slope of Bernal Heights the number one hottest neighborhood in the country for 2014. The page views searching for the area were up 196 percent over the last year, with a median home sales price of $982,500.

To come up with the winners, Redfin tallies page views for listings, and homes that users added to “Favorites” to monitor for price changes. They then added in real-world insight from real estate agents.

Redfin said the winning neighborhoods are one with a short commute, but a more affordable price than other nearby neighborhoods. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman offered a more creative analysis: “Like the actress who was nominated for 18 Emmys before finally winning, these are the Susan Luccis of neighborhoods, finally getting their due.”

While we don’t know if Bernal offers “All My Children”-caliber familial drama, we must say the views of the Mission lowlands and downtown are utterly dramatic. I couch-surfed there for a month at a friend’s apartment last year, sipping coffee each morning with a queenly view of the city, and closing off each day with lavender sunsets and the Bay Bridge light show.

No, this couldn’t have stayed a secret for long.

I emailed my friend the news this morning that she now lives in the most coveted zone in the USA. She was considerably less ecstatic: “Depressing. I will never be able to buy in this neighborhood. EVER.”