Market Street Recycling Center to Close

The recycling center on Safeway will close this summer, District 8 Supervisor, Scott Wiener, recently announced. It was perhaps the center of choice for those who steal recyclables throughout the neighborhood.

As the Chron’s C.W. Nevius mentions, some people even pay homeless people a small fee to collect recycles . This humble reporter has heard about these folks, whom are known in the neighborhood as “lumpers.” One of these folks have even obtained access to the backdoor of an apartment complex in the Mission to collect recycles before Recology can get a chance.

Read on.

“We need to make sure the system isn’t being gamed by illegal operators who are stealing hundreds of pounds a day,” Murray said. “Frankly, (if the machines) make it a pain in the butt for somebody with a truck, tough luck.”

Not that Murray is totally on board. He’s concerned that Safeway might try to duck its responsibility.

“I don’t see anything in the agreement that has Safeway committing to multiple recycling options,” he said. “Actually, it sounds to me as if they may be willing to accept the modest $100 a day in fines (for not having recycling available). Safeway is a big company. They may see it as the cost of doing business.”

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  1. landline

    Another successful move in the process of the economic cleansing of this once inviting city.

    Plus a win for the political aspirations of the liberal, authoritarian Scott Wiener. Plenty of politicians have furthered their careers by scapegoating disenfranchised people and out groups. Shameful.

  2. Blurpy

    Good heavens, could someone edit these articles before posting?

    “The recycling center on Safeway”

    “…some people even pay homeless people a small fee to collect recycles”

  3. Godzuki

    “Cleaning up San Francisco” means closing multiple recycling centers. The irony is not lost….

  4. Mission guy

    Heck yeah!! Reduce the amount of trash dumped onto the streets from junkies looking to satisfy their meth addictions.

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