Latinos to Become California Majority by March

California is about to get a new majority group.

By March, Latinos are expected to become California’s largest “race or ethnic group,” surpassing the non-Hispanic white population by .2 percentage points, as the the San Francisco Chronicle reported today.

In two months, it’s projected that the Hispanic community will make up 39 percent of California’s population, with non-Hispanic whites coming in a close second at 38.8 percent. Less than 25 years ago Latinos made up 26 percent of the state’s population compared to non-Hispanic whites, who held the majority at 57 percent.

Yet San Francisco doesn’t fall into the statewide trend. According to the Census Bureau’s latest demographic data from July 1, 2012, San Francisco has a much smaller percentage of Latinos than the state at large.

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  1. John

    But if you include the Hispanics who identify as white, then they will not. And that is probably at least half of them, or at least one third of them.

    That’s the problem here. Being Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic is not a primary color.

  2. landmark

    Your headline is incorrect. The correct word is “plurality.” Majority is greater than 50%.

  3. Kaliman

    The Census Bureau is totally inept when it tries to capture race and ethnicity. Has been for decades.

    The Chron article correctly uses the term Latino to differentiate it from non-hispanic white. There is also the reality of faulty Census data not accounting for many Latinos.

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