Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Courtney Quirin.

With a sunrise incoming in 26 minutes, it’s 49 degrees, and we’re headed to 57 degrees by late afternoon.

After five pedestrians have been hit by vehicles over the last two weeks in the city, the mayor and supervisors are stepping in.

A state appeals court overturned a San Francisco homicide conviction for a 2007 murder in the Sunnydale housing projects — saying the prosecutor improperly insinuated that an eyewitness was putting her life in danger by testifying. The witness had affirmed the suspect’s identity to police after seeing him in the reality show “I Love New York 2.”

Local tech bus hate-chronicler Rebecca Solnit has sounded off again on her distaste for the tech industry, this time in Guernica, using a visual from the Mission Local bus contest. On that same bent, rockers and their haunts are leaving the city, a trend exemplified by Discolandia turning into a 24th Street eatery.

Let’s stop on the tech bus band wagon for a second, and cast our eyes onto Muni, as SF Weekly winds a wonderful tale of 50 hybrid Muni buses that drove their way from Minnesota to San Francisco and were hidden in an Alameda warehouse — before the Board of Supervisors even approved their creation.

And you thought you were desperate to get off work. A cruise worker jumped overboard mid-ocean on a San Francisco-to-Hawaii Princess cruise over the weekend, which sent out the rescue crews to bring him back.

Today’s Possibilities:

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee will vote to approve up to $1 million in expenditures to a company that cleaned up the soil and water at the airport after the Asiana Airlines crash last year.

Second to last night to see “I Am Divine” and “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?” — Oscar nominee for “most obscure title” — at Roxie Cinema.

Free jazz Wednesday at Amnesia, featuring Gaucho at 8:00 p.m.

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  1. Elizabeth Creely

    “Local tech bus hate-chronicler Rebecca Solnit has sounded off again on her distaste for the tech industry…..”

    Really, Mission Local? You take a thoughtful piece that Solnit, a respected author and long-time resident of the Mission/ San Francisco, wrote to challenge the current economic monoculture, and reduce it to a diatribe and describe her as a “local tech bus hate-chronicler”?
    Huh? That’s …
    a. a terrible sentence that shouldn’t have passed muster with your editor and
    b. a horrendously reductive descriptive of a thoughtful essay.
    In search of a snappy lede, you came up with a silly one, instead.

    • John

      Come on, Elizabeth, Rebecca’s piece was just more of the tired old class warfare doggerel that has been making our teeth heard for weeks now.

      Yes, we get it, she hates success and prosperity. But whining about people taking a bus to work is getting really old and ML is right to call time on it now that there is a deal with the city to move on already.

    • Mark

      How did Rebecca Solnit afford property in the Mission? Can you really make that kind of income fighting gentrification? Did she buy a TIC?

  2. Elizabeth Creely

    John! It’s like magic, the way you appear.

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