Good Morning Mission!

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The swine flu continues its spread across the Bay Area. Death toll: 17.

A city plan wants to turn the city’s meager 13 percent tree canopy into 25 percent by 2033.

Gracias Madre — yes, the Mission’s Gracias Madre — is about to open a new restaurant in West Hollywood. Gracias Madre Sur?

The New York Times had an interesting piece on Asian Americans’ choices with aging relatives — namely, the desire of families to care for elders themselves instead of putting them in nursing homes.

naked man walked in on a South San Francisco cheerleading squad in a locker room on Monday night, and the cops were called. Those girls had apparently never been to Jane Warner Plaza, circa 2010.

The Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to endorse the sugary beverage tax coming to your ballot come November. Now if the city could just add an electric shock every time we reach for the caffeine….

Today’s Possibilities

If that bit about the city’s tree canopy got your attention, head to the LGBT Community Center tonight at 6 p.m. at 1800 Market Street for a presentation on the city’s tree rollout.

The Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Finance Committee will be voting on spending $94 million for 60 new trolley buses from New Flyer America, Inc. The meeting is at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall, room 250.

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