Lyft by Max Esplin

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Max Esplin explains:

For some reason, people seem to be okay with Lyft. They cause just as many problems as these larger buses, but do so without proper insurance. If putting a silly mustache on the problem will make it acceptable, then this is the perfect solution.

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  1. Could you please be specific on “They cause just as many problems as these larger buses”. It seems like a vague statement without much argument to support it. As any new technology or business that arises (big or small), it will create new solutions and new problems. Could you please clarify that statement?
    I work for a non-profit and, as you can imagine, it is difficult to make ends meet in this city working for a non-profit. I have been able to supplement my income and work on a goal of creating a non-profit in the future, and afford the necessary training (and other expenses) to someday this year start this program, thanks to additional income I get from Lyft. And with it, I plan to serve a sector of the population that does not receive much attention or services.
    As a passenger, I’ve also picked up people from ER, that would have otherwise not have been able to get home (or would have had to wait 1hour+ to wait for a cab). I have also heard from members of the LGBT community how they prefer to take Lyft because often cabs do not want to take them. (I am not saying that there’s 0% chance this happens with Lyft, but with Lyft it can be tracked if a driver were to refuse to give a ride to someone because of this issue) Also, it has allowed intoxicated people to get home safely, because there is obviously a shortage of cabs to take everyone home at 2AM. I have also taken it as a passenger at times of the night when I did not feel safe walking alone in the middle of the night. I know that passengers are also grateful when it comes to rides to the airport, since cabs are usually not reliable when you need to get to a destination on time.
    I’m not arguing that it’s perfect, and it has obviously made people think about new issues, but by simply stating that “They cause just as many problems as these larger buses”… I find that very vague. First, what larger buses are you talking about? Are we talking about the Google buses? I don’t think that’s a fair comparison since those buses are exclusively for Google employees. Ridesharing companies are like cabs in the sense that anyone with a smart phone and credit card account can access it.

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