Burrito Justice's response to the Lengua haters.

La Lengua’s alleged founder has struck back — with an Obi-Wan Kenobi meme.

We wrote yesterday about merchants south of Cesar Chavez rallying around their alleged mutual disdain for a nickname that has been proliferating in the San Francisco blogosphere: La Lengua. The name was coined by the Mission blog Burrito Justice, and its blogger JohnnyO, who thought the phrase that means “The Tongue” in Spanish was a fitting moniker for the triangular no man’s land south of Cesar Chavez between Mission and Guerrero.

Yet, as our story yesterday highlighted, some within the confines of La Lengua are not digging it. In fact, one architect in the area conducted a petition against it, which he says collected 60 signatures.

Burrito Justice posted a response to the opponents today, in typical tongue-in-cheek form with both the meme and a rebuttal: “La Lengua doesn’t care what you think. La Lengua just… is. We didn’t try very hard, and La Lengua took off. We are having fun.”

Looks like this name battle is just heating up.

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  1. The fact that these fools are all angry and foaming at the mouth to rid of the name, pretty much tells us that the area is de facto: La Lengua!

    1. As an SF native, I’d say that area is part of the Mission and alot of people would agree. Others might say it’s part of Bernal Heights. But it’s not “La Lengua”.

      It’s pretty annoying that some transplants decided to make their own name for it–a stupid name, no less–and now expect everyone else to happily go along with it, even going so far as to name it “la lengua” on google maps. What’s with transplants and trying to rename everything? And why is it impossible for you guys to pick non-dumb names? La Lengua, NOPA, etc. My ears are bleeding.