We know San Francisco residential and commercial rents are through the roof, but there’s nothing like art to really bring the point home. Enter Savernake Street Art Gallery at 2411 24th Street, an art gallery that can only be seen through a peephole. The Atlantic has some photos of some of their most recent exhibits.

Aaron Mandelson of KQED has the story.

This hallway is the only part of the building that Katz rents. The darkroom exhibit is mounted on the inside of the door, right on the other side of the peephole. It’s about 1 foot by 1 foot, and just a foot deep. Earlier exhibits have been even smaller. One by Lee Hunter looked like a huge installation from the peephole, but Katz could pick it up in one hand.

This hallway is all Katz can afford, she said. For her, it’s “a practical issue about how much square footage in San Francisco costs right now.” The cost of living forced Katz to get creative with the size of her gallery, and make a statement about San Francisco’s high rents along the way.

In San Francisco’s rental market, the nation’s most expensive, Katz said, “You have to be resourceful to find unused spaces and unusual spaces.”