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After having to sit on their hands since 2005, the folks behind Waylaid Potrero Development were finally given the green light by San Francisco’s Planning Commission to continue its development of 75 condos, 47 parking spaces and a thousand square feet of retail space on the six-story building at 480 Potrero Avenue. Socket Site reported that an appeal filed in August, was denied last month by the Board.

The project became official on December 3, after a rehearing request failed to get filed within 10 calendar days of the Board’s decision.

Construction is pending until a building permit is issued.

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  1. Seems like the gentrification never stops, my whole life I’ve lived on Potrero and now they want to take that from us too. I hope that after you guys steal this neighborhood from us Chinese people come and buy it all and make you feel the same way i feel right now. It amazes me how happy these people are taking our homes, neighborhood, and culture, all so they can replace it with hipster shit. It makes me so mad that none of these people care about the damage their doing to our neighborhood. The Valencia police department will waste their time to stop n frisk any young latino or black individual, the Valencia police department will go on youtube and make bullshit videos of how they “help” young urban youths when my whole life ive grown up fearing them because even though we’re in 2013 they will give everyone and anyone a 1990s Rodney King ass whooping with no consequences to the police officer/officers involved. Yet with all those beatings and mistreatments do they get anything done? Nop ther is still numerous drive by shootings every year, their is more sex offenders in the mission now than any other part of san francisco, and meanwhile police would stop latinos and blacks from drinking and being loud in the streets, whites Are allowed to do it all night on the same exact street corners that were once covered in gangs. Not to mention the first thing a cop asks me or any young colored man is “are u on probation or parole” which is not only discrimination but its improper procedure and against the rules to do according to internal affairs. I assume any person who newly moves into this neighborhood after i just explained some of the problems they cause (not to mention the money issues they cause aswell) is a racist who wants to keep colored folks opressed. I hope u guys know how much we all hate all of u for taking not only our community, our neighborhood, and our city litterally leaving us with nothing because its not like their taking the mission and giving us the richmond district, their making sure we cant live it survive anywhere in san francisco.

  2. Finally! Very glad that after 8 years of going thru hoops, the developers did not give up. That stretch of Potrero will look great.