It appears the word “techie” is starting to sound pejorative. At least according to this article in the Chronicle. Here’s what one local had to say:

Dan Gailey, a 30-year-old tech entrepreneur who was recently working at Four Barrel, said he didn’t identify as a “techie” – and thinks it’s actually a pretty rude term.

“If you use the word ‘techie,’ we know you’re not in tech,” said the Mission District resident. “A lot of negative terms like that – yuppie, hipster – are outsider terms. Wedon’t call each other techies – at all, ever.”

The preferred terms, he said, are “hackers,” “makers” or “coders.”

Alexandra Garretón

Alexandra Garreton, 26, enjoys living in a neighborhood where she can use her Spanish on a daily basis. Garreton moved to the Mission in August, and has been intrigued by the welcoming nature of the eclectic...

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  1. Poor Dan and his identity crisis. Techie is way better than geek, nerd, dork, etc but I guess he’s too young to remember the old days when it was really uncool to be a “techie”.

    1. actually, Geek’s are hot, and that is a term used with pride and honor.

      remember, as the bible says — “the geeks shall inherit the earth”

      It is good to be smart — much better than the alternative.

      1. I suspect the same class of people who want to call tech workers “techies” (at least partly because they know it would annoy them) would never dream of using a similarly derogatory term for blacks, gays, women, illegal immigrants and so on..

        Apparently, some classes of people get to tell us how they identify and therefore how we should address them. But another class of people do not get to enjoy that privilege.

        Isn’t it wonderful being a San Francisco liberal?

  2. Are there any Mission cafes with no power outlets or wifi where one can get away from these data-processing zombies?

    1. Nutrisystem, while you are at it, can you let me know if there are any cafes without any blacks or gays or disabled people?

      Because, like you, I am very prejudiced against whole classes of people based on my ability to faultlessly categorize and stereotype them.

      I guess we really need some system of segregation in mission cafes, so that no matter what class of people you hate, there is somewhere for you where you won’t have to tolerate them.

      We’re just all so tolerant in this city, huh?

      1. Since you don’t really get it, I’ll clue you in. This city traditionally is pretty tolerant, perhaps uniquely so in the US. Race, sexuality, mode of life… anything goes. 2 moms want to raise a child: great. Vegan: no problem. Like to get your butt spanked in public: go for it. Want to forgo family and comfort so you can memorize poems: you will be admired.

        However, there are some exceptions to the tolerance….

        1) Greedy parasites who destroy community are not tolerated.

        2) Tunnel-vision techies, who don’t even realize they are constructing a surveillance society and addictive toys of debatable utility, are (increasingly) not tolerated.

        3) Violence, physical or psychological, is not tolerated.

        1. Nutrisystem, i’d agree with you about number 3 – violence has no part in any community.

          But 1 and 2 are sadly subjective. The clue is your use of adjectives to try and justify your biases – words like “greedy” and “tunnel-vision” give away your personal prejudices and preferences.

          I’m afraid that you don’t get to impose your own opinions onto an objective notion like tolerance. You either respect diversity or you wish to suppress the aspects of that which you dislike.

          Fail. The Mission doesn’t do segregation.

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