This is Mission Local’s first episode of “School Staff” — a series that will profile the people who work in Mission schools but are not classroom teachers.

Andra Cernavskis

Andra Cernavskis is a student at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. She is Canadian by birth but grew up in New Jersey and then San Francisco's Miraloma neighborhood. She has also spent time...

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  1. Ruben is very hard working! He wears so many hats at Everett, that I’ve lost count. He is great with the kids and very dedicated. I have even seen him working during the weekends. Great job Ruben!

  2. Ruben is one of most hard working, tireless and dedicated educators I have ever encountered. It is so clear that he truly cares about each and every student at Everett, as well as our overall community. I don’t know how he does everything that he does! We love you Ruben! Never change 🙂

  3. Above all, Mr. Urbina makes a powerful, positive difference in the lives of the kids that attend EMS. Like all quality educators, it’s very challenging to know how far out the positive ripples spread, but you know intuitively that he’s had a deep and meaningful effect on generations Everett Owls and their relations, and everyone those graduates touch.

    If there was a MacArthur Genius grant for great human beings & educators, he’d be at the top of my list to receive one.

  4. Great to see him doing well and still doing what he lives. Ruben was like this even back when I wAs at Everett. I know his whole family and I have love for them all.

  5. This Man is an Angel he really cares for the kids in his community! Grateful that he was able to be a positive male role model for my son it was great to have him as my son baseball coach for his 8th grade year! RUBEN FROM ONE OF YOUR FORMER STUDENTS AND THE BOTTOMBOF MY HEART THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR MISSION DISTRICT!

  6. Ruben, watching this video makes me proud that we are family, we need more family members like you and I am happy for Everette Jr. High recognizing you this way!! Keep up the great work you do and all the hats you wear!!!

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