Goodies from Craftsman and Wolves

The Culture Trip just came out with a top 10 list of restaurants in the Mission.

San Francisco’s Mission District was host to the city’s punk scene in the 1970s and became gang territory in the 1980s. Yet it is currently in the midst of a culinary awakening, spawned by the area’s shifting demographics following the dot-com boom. Its changing identity is in large part defined by an avant-garde approach to cooking and design. These ten restaurants best represent the revival of the Mission District.

Their picks include Blue Plate, Craftsman and Wolves, Range and Mission Cheese.

Check out the full list on their site and let us know what YOUR favorite restaurant in the Mission is.

What eateries did they overlook?

Alexandra Garretón

Alexandra Garreton, 26, enjoys living in a neighborhood where she can use her Spanish on a daily basis. Garreton moved to the Mission in August, and has been intrigued by the welcoming nature of the eclectic...

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  1. Sounds like the writer went to places her concierge sent her to. Basically expensive (somewhat) good food. I commend her for skipping the real treasures of the Mission.

  2. Yeah, I found Mission Cheese to be a great idea, but the execution left me and my roommate with a high priced, small portioned plate of a lot of stinky gross tasting cheese that did not reflect what was offered (the tasting notes were WAY off) and while we enjoyed ourselves regardless, I’d hardly call it one of the best places in the Mission.

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