Illustration by Courtney Quirin.

Read Daniel Hirsch’s take on the McDonald’s at the crossroads of the new Mission District here.

Courtney Quirin

Courtney Quirin is a trained wildlife ecologist turned environmental journalist with a knack for photography and visual storytelling. Though her interests span many topics and disciplines, she's particularly...

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  1. I live in the mission most of life seen McDonalds remodel several times
    but this version is darkist yet. It doesnt make me happy NOT!! In Las Vegas the new McDonalds is modern bright and inviting also the one In Wakiki is also remodel with out door sitting so you can watch the beach while enjoying your food Bright color scheme. Several of my comments 24th one is ULGY !!! Worst remodel ever!!!
    As for Pamela a typical privilege white girl techie rude probably never interacted with other cultures. Don’t know the history of the mission
    the struggles for equality the civil right marches which the population fought for since the 60’s and still doIng. the mission is still multi culture multi ethic and will remind so. We will preveal!!

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