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  1. San Franciscans get bored if there’s nothing to protest. Wasn’t yesterday’s nude wedding at city hall enough drama for this week?

    The city is already working out a process to coordinate Muni and Tech buses at these bus stops. Nothing to see here folks….

    1. Just stay quiet while the city turns into a playground for the rich and the working class is squeezed out, right, Bob? Um…no. Not all of us are sheep.

      1. So what is your strategy here, Michael? Harass entire classes of people based on their choice of career in the hope that you can intimidate them into leaving?

        Can we do that with other classes of people we don#t like as well?

        According to reports, there were 40-50 protesters. That’s the number of people in one commuter bus and there are dozens of them.

        So democratically, there are far more tech workers than there are people who are willing to protest them.

        Who are the sheep now?

          1. Yes, if you stop someone getting to work, they will probably talk about it.

            Is it OK if I stop you getting to a protest that I disagree with as well? Maybe I can block your driveway or front door? I assume that you would understand, right?

          2. Are you sitting on that bus? Judging by my FB feed, the riders find it pretty amusing and can access internet (you know, to do some work) just fine. I would hope they could call-in to any meetings they may have given the superior technology and all.

          3. What if they are meeting a client or need to attend a meeting in person?

            What if someone stopped you getting to work based on your membership of a class of people they disapprove of. You’d understand, right?

          4. Then they probably should’ve not taken the 10:30 a.m. bus, John. Can’t risk being late to important meetings!

            I sympathize more for the people that are getting evicted left and right than for my fellow yuppies (we’re not all soulless and we weren’t all born into this) who miss a meeting on a day when most of the office is already off on vacation. So yes, I’d understand.

    2. If these protest were not happening the city or MTA would not be addressing this. I think the buses should have their own bus depot like caltrans does. If tech employees want to be like everyone else then then they should bike or take the bus to a depot, maybe near a freeway near an idustrial area. They should not be near the neighborhoods, causing more traffic problems, and endangering pedestrains and bike riders.

      1. You evidently don’t understand what the word “shuttle” means.

        If you want to take a public bus to SFO, you have to go to the central bus station downtown.

        If you want transport from your home, you call a cab or an . . . . airport shuttle.

        The whole point of them is that they go from where folks live, and not downtown where nobody lives.

      1. I’d think we need to be saved from people who think it is OK to interfere with the livelihood of another person.

    1. If the protesters were targeting equally every vehicle that blocks a lane, that would be one thing.

      But they are picking on ONLY the vehicles that are carrying people more successful than they are.

      1. What other busses aside from MUNI stop there, John? I understand sheep don’t have the highest thinking capacity, but sheesh.

        More successful! LOL.

        1. Dan didn’t mention bus stops. He was talking about vehicles blocking a bike lane. That includes Muni buses and everyone else.

          1. There are no MUNI buses on Valencia. Blocking a bike lane is a ticket, check your local traffic laws – this has been an issue for years and the city has worked on this.

            It’s not that common for a car to block a bike lane. But a bus is like 3 cars, including in height. You can’t see anything, it’s dangerous and annoying. And illegal. And people get hurt this way. You keep defending illegal things John…

            Here’s another important group in the city you don’t understand john – bikers.

            Also you keep mentioning other shuttles operating in the city. All of those serve entities in SF and shuttle people between campuses, NOT TO THEIR HOMES. How come in your world only one group is allowed to get picked up and drooped off at home?

  2. These people should all be living in the marina, not the mission. They are all generic ass white people that should be living it up in the marina with their kind.

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