Last day of 2013, and it’s definitely time to celebrate because the Tamale Lady is working out a lease for her own brick-and-mortar restaurant. Where? Hint: BART commuters will be very pleased.

Oh, the weather. It’s 45 degrees, and headed to a sunny 62 today.

Happy New Year! When you’re paying your restaurant tab tonight, know those Healthy San Francisco surcharges are purportedly going where they should. The city attorney captured $2 million in owed health care costs for the city’s restaurant workers.

Speaking of health, a New York Times writer tested her DNA with three different companies — one being Silicon Valley’s Google-backed 23andMe — and found the results didn’t match up.

How would life be different if every boss who didn’t perform was immediately fired like the five NFL coaches ousted yesterday? (Speaking of football, Stanford’s yoga regimen made The New York Times.)

Today is the last day to submit a tech bus design in Mission Local’s contest. If you don’t submit an idea, you can’t complain about the winner rolling down the street. The entries now range from a tribute to Edward Snowden to a Trojan Horse.

This is your last day to buy Candlestick Park seats at an early-bird $649 a pair. Tomorrow they will be $749, and you’ll be kicking yourself.

Today’s Possibilities

It’s New Year’s Eve — there’s no shortage of possibilities, but here’s a few.

As we write this, there are two — we repeat, two — general admission tickets and three disability-access tickets left for the Brava Theater’s “New Year’s Eve Comedy Fiesta” tonight at 8:00 p.m. Going, going…..

International Discotheque at Make-Out Room, $25 at the door.

New Year’s Eve soul party at Elbo Room, $25 at the door.

Psychedelic pop for a cool $15 at Amnesia.