No to Development, Yes to Better Prices on Prescription Drugs

Courtesy of San Francisco Department of Elections.

A quick look at the results in San Francisco’s municipal elections shows that residents had little love for big development and want the city to get a better deal on prescription drugs.

The two ballot measures – B and C – aimed at increasing the height on a waterfront project at 8 Washington – a decision already approved by the Board of Supervisors – lost with wide margins.  Proposition B, a measure that framed the development issue around adding new housing, lost with 62.2 percent voting against the measure. Proposition C, which asked voters to ratify an ordinance approving the increase in the project’s building heights, lost with 66.56 percent saying no thanks.

Proposition D, which calls for the city to take all possible measures to reduce the city’s cost of prescription drugs, won easily with  80 percent of the vote.

In addition, voters approved Proposition A,  which will change the City’s Charter to allow payments from the City’s Retiree Health Care Trust Fund under certain circumstances, by 68.7 percent.

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