A 28-year-old man waiting for the bus was robbed at gunpoint at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of 19th and Bryant streets. The suspects wanted his smartphone. They pulled a handgun on him to demonstrate they were serious, police reported.

The victim complied and the two suspects, who were in their 20s, took off on foot. No arrests have been made.

Later Wednesday on Bryant at 26th Street, a lone male in his 20s robbed a woman sitting in her car. The suspect entered the car’s passenger-side door at 11 p.m. pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded that she drive away, according to police.

The victim complied and a few blocks later, the suspect ordered the victim out of the vehicle before he drove away. No arrests have been made.

While carjacking is less common, smartphone theft currently makes up the majority of robberies in San Francisco.

CNN reported that 67 percent of all thefts in San Francisco are of smartphones.

The robbery took place on the day that mobile service providers decided against including a “kill switch” in all smartphones to combat thefts. The switch would have rendered a phone completely useless when activated by the cell phone owner and providers feared it would be too susceptible to misuse by hackers and others.