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President Barack Obama took insults from a heckler in stride on Monday when his half-hour speech before 400 people at a Chinatown recreation center was interrupted, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. The protester yelled that he had been separated from his South Korean family for 19 months and told him, “You have the power to stop deportations.”

Addressing Hong directly, Obama responded, “If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.

“But we’re also a nation of laws,” he said. “The easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like I can do something by violating our laws. And what I’m proposing is the harder path, which is to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve. But it won’t be as easy as just shouting. It requires us lobbying and getting it done.”

In another sign of the times, SF Gate reports that three new apartment buildings in the Mission have sold 50 to 85 percent of their free-market units. In one development at Market and Octavia, rents range from $3,075 for a one-bedroom and up to $5,000 for the three-bedroom units. “Demand has gone up,” said Spencer Moore, a spokesman for the developer of the 113-unit apartment building.